Attention: Aspiring Self-Actualized Masters

How to Accelerate your Spiritual Journey to True-Self Descension in as little as 13 months even if you do not feel you have All the Tools You Need!! 

This for anyone who feel that spiritual pull, as we give you all the tools you'll need!! 

Did you know that Attunements are the most misunderstood Spiritual Tool?

It is NOT...

  • a simple meditation (meditating is great though!)

  • or a quick alignment to an immediate end result,

  • or a moment in time when you feel slowed down and relaxed (which is also great...for that moment),

  • or an alignment with the hope of a goal that never comes to be -- resulting in huge disappointments or that terrible feeling of being stuck!



A Lightarian® Attunement is a Spiritual Tool that is used to accelerate transformation of your energetic self, increasing the vibration of your personal energy field and triggering Higher-Self Descension. 


What follows is Self-Actualization and long-lasting results

that positively impact your day-to-day life! 

Phew... that is a lot! 

Hey, there! Let me introduce myself. 

I'm Peggy Zeramby. I’m an empath, spiritual seeker, lightworker, Reiki Master, channel, course creator.  I am that person that says, prove to me this is real!  If you are the same, I am the teacher for you.

My spiritual journey began as a child and became heightened in my teens.  In my early 20's, I began professionally immersing myself into all the frequencies.  And boy have these energies evolved. So, I am serious when I say, I have spent decades mastering the energies. As a result, adding many skills to my toolbelt. I want to add them to yours!  Welcome to the Lightarian pathway! Let me make this journey easier for you!

I've taken my decades of work and put them into bite-sized steps over a 13-month period. Join me!

Accelerated Spiritual Journey

 Tools to Ascend, Descend, and Expand!


Five 9-week Comprehensive Intensives:

  • Intensive 1 - Clear, transform, and calibrate your energetic being. 

    Dramatically impact yourself spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. 
    This step is intense but worth it! 
    We MUST clear out what does not serve so we can welcome what does.
    A foundation is set to leave the polarities behind.  <---- 
  • Intensive 2 - Uplevel energetically to align with the All That Is vibration. 

    Experience the actualization of Higher Self in day-to-day life!
    >>>This is when the magic begins!<<<
  • Intensive 3 - Welcome dynamic multi-faceted energies! 

    Acceleration of Ascension of the physical body 
    Increase cycles of Descension of Higher Self into physical body 
  • Intensive 4 - Train Your Mental Body

    Engage your mental body to become the very best tool your future self wishes to have.
    After completing 1, 2 and 3, your ego is now demoted and your Mental Body is ready to be Manifesting Tool.
  • Intensive 5 - Advanced Master Level Intensive

    HARNESS Intensives 1, 2, 3 and 4 into MASTERSHIP. 
    Weekly Homework and Meditations Designed to Accelerate Actualization!  
    Advanced Attunements to become a CATALYST FOR CHANGE!   .

...Five 9-week Intensives!

The Lightarian® Accelerated Program is for...

          ...those who are truly willing to go deeply within and to profoundly propel themselves forward with the support of the Angels, Ascended Masters, Source, and Master ET energies.  


       If you have been pulled toward wanting more...

the Lightarian Accelerated Program facilitates MORE.       

       If you have been feeling stagnant...

the Lightarian Accelerated Program propels the energies FORWARD.      


We are ready to be with you each step of the way.  

Next Enrollment: January 2024

Limited Spots Available

Lightarian Accelerated Program Schedule


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When the clocks change, the class time will be linked to the Pacific Time schedule.  



magical momentum

Peggy Zeramby weaves the programs in such a way that she creates magical momentum. - J.M. CANADA


I no longer feel stuck

I feel transformed. How I think and who I am have changed. I no longer feel stuck in society's programming of doom and gloom. I no longer feel I am a victim of circumstance. - H.F. HONG KONG


experienced transformational shifts

I have worked with other Lightarian practitioners, but when I decided to go directly to the Lightarian Institute. I experienced transformational shifts. The attunements each time were powerful.  - J.J. USA


I feel renewed

The transformation I have gone through in the last several months has been rejoiceful. My mental body is engaging in choiceful connections. My emotional body is breathing new Light daily into my experiences. I feel renewed.  - H.M. JAPAN

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