Lightarian Mindful Meditations

Lightarian™ Meditations

Designed to Master your Mind.

Propel forward and step into ten weeks of weekly Meditations.

Our 9-week program kicks-off with an additional comprehensive Introduction Week.

 Accelerate from the  Inside-out with Lightarian™ Attunements.

Advance this Acceleration from

the Outside-in with our Meditation Program.  

Mindful Meditations

$118 USD

A Master Class is introduced to you Weekly. Each video includes instructions, guided meditations, and the opportunity for profound awareness of self. Step into learning another side of who you have been and who you are becoming.


Enrollment immediately launches you into your Mindfulness Introduction.    

Then 9 additional weeks follow, each with its own focus:

  1. Mindfulness of the Body

  2. Mindfulness of the Emotions

  3. Being with What's Difficult

  4. Loving Kindness and Compassion

  5. Communication and Leadership

  6. Resilience

  7. Mindfulness for Anxiety

  8. Mindfulness with Work and Career

  9. Moving Forward Mindfully

Upon entry, you'll be welcomed into your online Meditation Portal.  Each week we'll introduce a new video master class, including guided meditations and a comprehensive packet, to guide you through your journey of self with self.  The Introduction week and the 9 following weeks gives you a 10-week comprehensive Mindful Meditation program to experience as many times as you wish.  

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