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Activation Work
One of the aspects of personal development that takes place as one moves along his/her spiritual path. See Clearing, Healing, Manifestation, and Self-Empowerment. See Activations.

Energy shifts within your chakras and subtle bodies in the form of small, quantum changes in your personal energy structure, you could say that little energy circuit switches are "turned on" in order to increase your capacity to handle more Light, to bring forward your gifts and talents or for other appropriate transformational purposes. Activations can also be in the form of major initiatory steps which can dramatically change your energy structure, creating major shifts in your beliefs, perspectives and perceptions about life and even your sense of yourself. See Activation Work.

Angelic Realm
Members of the Angelic Realms are etheric in nature...pure spirit...providing all manner of support to humans in the form of guidance, healing, protection and divine intervention, when necessary. These divinely-sourced Beings embody the primary qualities of unconditional love, non-judgment and dedication to service. The angelic attitude is always positive. Angelic energies are the divine, "omnipresent glue" that holds together and supports our experience of humanity here on Earth. One of their principle roles is the fulfillment of the intentions created by humans. Different angelic beings carry varying levels of capabilities, wisdom and experience, which determine where each serves in the angelic hierarchy. The Angelic Realms emanate from a very high vibrational level of Prime Creator, actually from a level vibrationally beyond our Universe. These angelic energies project outward through the many layers of angelic hierarchy, as they spread out to be of service throughout our Universe and beyond.

One of the levels within the Angelic Kingdom. Within this strata there are seven Archangels. We list here the names that we are familiar with, along with the particular dominant energetic value each embodies: Michael (Love), Raphael (Courage), Gabriel (Joy), Uriel (Beauty), Raziel (Loyalty), Zadkiel (Purity), and Zephron (Compassion). Please note: There may be other names associated with the Archangel energies. The naming process is simply a device to assist humans in identifying with these wonderful beings and are not to be considered as limiting in any way. All Angels function in support of all cultures, all religions, all around the globe with perhaps various names within different human cultural traditions.

Ascended Masters
Twelve high vibrational, spiritual Beings sourced by the Maitreya energy, collectively operating through all of their aspects as the 9th density band of energies. They offer their wisdom and guidance, as they participate at this very high level of God consciousness. Traditionally, for convenience in communication, names have been assigned by humans to the Ascended Master energies, often reflecting their incarnational lifetimes. These powerful Beings are much greater than the Earth incarnations associated with them, which reflect only a tiny fraction of their energies. Each Ascended Master has chosen a dominant energetic quality to infuse into his or her particular range of experience. We call this the particular "Divine Virtue" of each of the Ascended Masters. They each have their own focus, expertise, and range of experience to offer. Based on our communications to date, our most appropriate "naming" of the Ascended Masters has resulted in the following listing: Ascended Masters Babaji, Buddha, El Morya, Hilarion, Krishna, Kuthumi, Lady Mary, Lady Nada, Lanto, Sananda, Serapis Bey and St. Germain. See each Ascended Master’s name for his/her dominant Divine Virtue description.

Ascension can mean many things to many people. To us, personal ascension is the transformation of one's life into an experience of an expanded awareness, enhanced perception and knowing of the divinity within. It is a process of personal inner development, the raising of one's personal vibration, the attainment of enlightenment and higher consciousness. It is the reduction of layers of energies between our lower incarnational selves and our Higher Self energies. It is the reunion of body, mind, and spirit, cleansing and raising the body temple and mind to such a degree that they can be reunited with spirit (Higher Self). See Descension.

Ascension Master
See Maitreya

Babaji (Ascended Master)
The name assigned to one of the twelve Ascended Masters. His Divine Virtue is "Beauty." See Ascended Masters.

Buddha (Ascended Master)
One of the names associated with the Ascended Masters. Not to be confused with the incarnational Buddha. Divine Theme is "Compassion." Source for all Reiki Ray energies; inspiration and source for the Lightarian Healing Ray and Lightarian Reiki. See Ascended Masters.

Etheric vortexes or centers of energy located at various places over the physical body. There are seven major chakras, each serving as an energetic center for a given subtle body (see Subtle Body). Most humans have many more than the traditional seven major chakras that we are familiar with. The chakras beyond the major seven are arranged as progressively larger and larger funnel shaped etheric centers located over the head. This progression of chakras represents the individual’s connection to divine universal energy, call it the "connection or Lineage back to Source." The chakras also serve to vitalize the body by absorbing universal energy. Each chakra has its own particular dominant energetic function. See Energy Construct. Also see Spiritual Lineage

We are all potential vehicles for channeling spiritual energies...whether it is our own Higher Self energies or other etheric Beings. Channeling can take many forms - from "automatic writing" to telepathic communications to simply "knowing." As one raises personal vibration, expands consciousness and clears personal energy fields, there is an increasing level in the quality and clarity of these etheric communications.

One of the aspects of personal development that takes place as one moves along his/her spiritual path. See Activation Work, Healing, Manifestation and Self-Empowerment.

Density refers to the etheric vibrational frequency spectrum, organized into various bands or octaves over which all existence is experienced. "Density" denotes a vibrational frequency, not to be confused with "a location in time and space" which the term "dimension" traditionally implies. All forms of energy have a particular range of vibrational density or frequency–minerals, plants, animals, humans, extraterrestrials, celestial Beings, etc. Density bands describe a range of frequencies, for example, the 4th band of density ranges from 4.0 to 4.99, the 5th from 5.0 to 5.99 and so on. As examples, current human physical bodies function in the 3rd and 4th density bands. Ascended Masters function in 9th, Maitreya functions in 10th, and Universal Source functions in 11th.

In some ways, the ascension process can be viewed as "descension." Higher Self descending into this plane more fully, to experience through the physical vehicle more completely. One's Higher Self becomes more integrated and operative on all levels and the individual can align more fully with these higher energies. When viewed in this way, the "descension" process enables the individual to be of greater service to mankind and Gaia. See Ascension.

Divine Virtues
These are the twelve divine themes or qualities, which are the basis for creating all of the diverse patterns of human experience. They are: Courage, Compassion, Love, Power, Beauty, Will, Curiosity, Joy, Justice, Purity, Imagination, and Loyalty. They form an energetic "palette" from which any level of consciousness can "paint" its experience. All vibrational levels, from Universal Source down to physical humans on Earth use these twelve divine themes to create all of the both wonderful and challenging adventures to be taken on during an incarnation.

El Morya (Ascended Master)
One of the twelve Ascended Masters whose Divine Theme/Focus is "Power." Inspiration and Source for the Clearing Ray and Lightarian Clearing. See Ascended Masters.

See Self-Empowerment

Energy Construct
The "energy construct" is the particular arrangement of chakras and subtle bodies of the individual. This "construct" can vary from person to person. Generally, humans have a progression of chakras beyond the basic seven, with the eighth and higher chakras located over the head. As one raises personal vibration and clears the auric field of old limiting patterns and stored energies (through life itself or through accelerated etheric and physical body clearing techniques), the chakras and subtle bodies can start to process and anchor in more Light. As this happens, the energy fields can reorganize, creating progressively less and less layers of chakras/subtle bodies. They can shift into a more effective and efficient vehicle for carrying more Light. Changes can take place in the number and location of one’s major chakras and the number of subtle bodies.

By etheric, we mean "not of this physical plane of experience." Etheric energies operate in the higher density planes of experience. Examples of etheric energies are: the human energy field of chakras and subtle bodies, auras, body meridians, Earth ley lines and energy grids, Reiki energies, etc. See Density.

Gabriel (Archangel)
One of the seven Archangels. Divine Theme/Focus is "Joy."

Earth, Earth Mother, Mother Earth. Gaia is not just a planet of rock, water and air. She is a sentient Being with both a physical form that is our planet and spiritual, etheric forms that exist in layers of consciousness back to her connection to Universal Source.

Godhead levels
There are many layers of energies that emanate from the simple mystery of what we call "Prime Creator." They are energy projections with varying levels of vibrational frequencies. In order to create diversity, these projections differentiate themselves into bands of experience. Bands of the Godhead levels exist beyond the energy vibrations of our Universal Source energies and could be best understood as the source of our Source in this universe. See Prime Creator. Also see Source.

One of the aspects of personal development that takes place as one moves along his/her spiritual path. See Activation Work, Clearing, Manifestation, and Self-Empowerment.

Higher Self
Aspect of "Self" that resides in the higher density levels of one's experience - one's true awareness and God connection. There can be many aspects/layers of Higher Self (call them Soul, Oversoul or Higher Self directly) representing different aspects of consciousness that are being played out throughout time/space, be it earth-human or otherwise. The highest level of Higher Self is like the hub of a wheel - the union or focal point of all these various aspects. It is the animating force within each of us that guides our lower Selves to search for higher understanding and expression, to ultimately reach the state of transformation of becoming an integrated whole. See Multi-dimensional Self.

Hilarion (Ascended Master)
One of the twelve Ascended Masters whose Divine Theme/Focus is "Love." See Ascended Masters.

Krishna (Ascended Master)
One of the twelve Ascended Masters whose Divine Theme/Focus is "Will." See Ascended Masters.

Kuthumi (Ascended Master)
One of the twelve Ascended Masters whose Divine Theme/Focus is "Loyalty." See Ascended Masters.

Lady Mary (Ascended Master)
One of the twelve Ascended Masters whose Divine Theme/Focus is "Justice." See Ascended Masters.

Lady Nada (Ascended Master)
One of the twelve Ascended Masters whose Divine Theme/Focus is "Imagination." See Ascended Masters.

Lanto (Ascended Master)
One of the twelve Ascended Masters whose Divine Theme/Focus is "Joy." See Ascended Masters.

The full vibrational spectrum of energies ranging from the highest etheric vibrational levels of the Godhead down to physical manifestation in the lowest densities of experience. Essentially, everything is Light!

The word Lightarian is a way to describe an individual who learns about and masters the use of etheric Light energies for various purposes, such as self-empowerment, clearing, healing, activation, and manifestation. A "Lightarian" begins to view Light as the ever-present etheric energy that consciously manifests itself into all of the forms and structures that we experience. In a sense, the Light is everything and everything is Light, including all that we call physical, including our physical bodies. This holistic view of the Light enables us to better understand that all levels of our subtle bodies, and our physical body as well, will be changing and evolving based on the spiritual processing that each of us does. A "Lightarian" is one who is consciously engaged in the process of inner development and dedicated to the application of spiritual principles for self-empowerment, clearing, healing, activation, and manifestation in their life. A natural result of this focus and intent is to be of greater service to Gaia and humankind.

The etheric energy vehicle or form associated with a higher being operating in a higher vibrational state, comparable to how the physical body serves as the vehicle for physical humans.

Someone who has a heightened level of awareness, appreciation and understanding of their spiritual nature, especially regarding their role in the global/human transformation. A "catch-all" term often used to describe "New Agers" and metaphysically/spiritually-oriented individuals. In more specific terms, Lightworkers could be considered: (1) those mentioned in biblical references to the legions of the 144,000 Beings who have come into Earth incarnations over the years to aid the planet and humanity, and (2) any soul that has had extensive experience to offer and has come into incarnation here and now to be of specific assistance during the Earth transition that is unfolding.

Divine spiritual Being with a vibrational energy range beyond that of the levels of the Ascended Masters and just below that of Universal Source. The Ascended Master levels emanate from the Maitreya energies. Maitreya is the inspiration and source for the Lightarian Empowerment Ray and can be viewed as the divine architect for the global/human ascension process here on Earth. We call him the Ascension Master.

One of the aspects of personal development that takes place as one moves along his/her spiritual path. See Activation Work, Clearing, Healing, and Self-Empowerment.

Michael (Archangel)
One of the seven Archangels. Divine Theme/Focus is "Love."

Multi-dimensional Self (Also called Multi-density or Multi-layered Self)
The entirety of one’s energies from the highest vibrational levels down to the lowest. Includes levels of Soul, Oversoul, and Higher Self.

Overlighting is an etheric, energetic process which occurs when an energy (such as an Ascended Master, an Angel, etc.) fully surrounds your etheric energies and physical body with their energy. During this experience you may feel their energy very strongly in a variety of ways, such as a buzzing sound in your ears, a little heaviness or chill in your body, sleepiness, perhaps even slight disorientation or headache. When the spiritual being withdraws their energy, you usually go back to feeling "normal."

Typically, mid-range vibrational aspects of Self comprised of many souls, much like a large limb of a tree with several smaller branches protruding. See Multi-dimensional Self. Also see Spiritual Lineage.

Prime Creator
The primal source from which all energies and existence emanate.

Raphael (Archangel)
One of the seven Archangels. Divine Theme/Focus is "Courage."

Raziel (Archangel)
One of the seven Archangels. Divine Theme/Focus is "Loyalty."

Sananda (Ascended Master)
One of the twelve Ascended Masters whose Divine Theme/Focus is "Purity." Inspiration and source for Lightarian Activation Ray™. See Ascended Masters.

One of the aspects of personal development that takes place as one moves along his/her spiritual path. We view the process of self-empowerment as "foundational" for spiritual evolution. See Activation Work, Clearing, Healing, and Manifestation.

One of the higher vibrational strata or hierarchy within the Angelic Kingdom. See Angelic Kingdom.

Serapis Bey (Ascended Master)
One of the twelve Ascended Masters whose Divine Theme/Focus is "Curiosity." See Ascended Masters.

Lowest density level/aspect of a being’s etheric energies. Singular point of consciousness anchored into our lower subtle bodies and physical body for the purpose of experiencing an incarnational reality. See Multi-dimensional Self. Also see Spiritual Lineage.

Depending upon the context, there can be various definitions and alternative names for Source, such as Universal Source, All That Is, the I AM Presence, God, etc. From our perspective, Source is an 11th density band of etheric energy which is directly responsible for the creation of our universe. Through projections of energies outward, Source manifests itself as all levels and layers of consciousness and energy forms. Source itself is a projection of a higher order consciousness. See Prime Creator. Also see Godhead levels.

Spiritual Lineage
An individual's energy fields can be characterized as having a spiritual "lineage" back to Source, based on the number of layerings of energy that exist at any given time. The idea of "layerings" represent increasingly higher vibrational layers of soul energies. These layerings symbolize one's personal layerings of "Soul, Oversoul and Higher Self" as each of us link back to our spiritual roots at the level of Source. There is a well-defined thread of consciousness that represents your unique personal line of awareness back to Source. This thread of consciousness awareness traces from your physical body vibrationally upward through all your layers back to Source.

St. Germain (Ascended Master)
One of the twelve Ascended Masters whose Divine Theme/Focus is "Courage." Inspiration and source for Lightarian Manifestation Ray™. See Ascended Masters.

Subtle Bodies
Etheric fields surrounding the physical body where all of our physical etheric patterning, emotional patterns, mental behavior, thoughts and memories, belief structures and programs are located. The sum total of our subtle bodies represents our auric field.

Universal Source
See Source.

Uriel (Archangel)
One of the seven Archangels. Divine Theme/Focus is "Beauty."

Zadkiel (Archangel)
One of the seven Archangels. Divine Theme/Focus is "Purity."

Zephron (Archangel)
One of the seven Archangels. Divine Theme/Focus is "Compassion."

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