I'm Peggy Zeramby. I am a master teacher and an originator for the Lightarian programs. Guided by your Higher Self, and an energetic team of spiritual guides, angels, ascended masters, and other high vibrational beings, I map out a plan with you to actualize your day-to-day life goals. Weaving in customized meditations, homework assignments, and guided action-plans, a journey is designed for actualization. As a seeker of mastering the energetic journey, a channel, a mind-body coach, a holistic health practitioner, and a spiritual coach and mentor, I listen to what your personal goals are, apply all that I know, and teach you how to master your own path. 



The first offer gives a discount and also offers the flexibility of beginning with weekly sessions.

The monthly payment offer is limited to two sessions each month.  

propelling me to the next level

Participation in the mentorship program was an enriching experience. As I embarked on many programs within the Lightarian Institute, I noticed sometimes subtle changes other times more intense energetic shifts as I began to release what no longer served me and became more in alignment with my true Self. Journeying through the energies while toggling life - work, family, friends and day to day experiences at timed was a lot to process and balance. The individualized coaching that Peggy provided was a support in navigating the energetic shifts all while providing insightful and affirming reflections and insights about my experiences and propelling me to the next level. I highly recommend the mentor program in tandem with the courses the Lighterian Institute offers. - J.M. USA 

filled with love

Peggy Zeramby is my spiritual teacher/mentor since 2019. She is a very humble, patient and very inspiring spiritual teacher cum mentor. Peggy is always there to hold space for me to learn, to pause and in any circumstances. She will take times to check on me whenever I needed her support & answered my questions or doubts. Her advice and guidance is always filled with love. Peggy play a very important role in my ascending & descending journey and I am deeply grateful and honoured to be her student. ­č张- J.G. SINGAPORE

new goals rooted in divine love

I have had Peggy as a spiritual mentor off and on for about 10 years. She is the one I choose to connect with, confide in and get a new perspective from when I find myself feeling stuck spiritually. I choose her for this role because she firmly rooted in higher vibrational light and love, and genuinely lives her life this way. I trust her, and I can count on her to always listen objectively and from a place of possibility. No matter how hopeless or insecure I feel about a situation, I always end up feeling energized, hopeful and moving in a forward motion toward a new goal, fully rooted in possibility and divine love. Consistently, through her mentorship, I have met each of my ever-developing goals. Her encouragement and insights have helped me to stay the course each time. - K.G. USA


reach new depths and greater heights

Peggy is the mentor I wish I had discovered years ago. Personal, compassionate, and reliable, she helps me achieve my goals through realistic approaches to life’s challenges. She allows me the space to fulfill my potential, encouraging me to push past boundaries and to discover my true inner self. Her expert professional wisdom is clearly supported by years of experience, and this knowledge and expertise is what makes her such an effective mentor. With Peggy I continue to reach new depths and greater heights. I am grateful to have access to such a gifted spiritual coach and guide. - G.F. USA

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