Survival to Thriving

The AngelLinks begin your journey with the Angels in such a profound and loving way.  A perfect energetic foundation for the Lightarian journey. 

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What people are saying...


Great impact on my work!

I am very happy that I have received the attunements (AngelLinks). I am a Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki practitioner and also a Chios Master Teacher. And I feel that the AngelLinks have had great impact to my work. Archangel Michael was already my guide after I received the first attunement to Reiki - but the AngelLink have made our contact deeper. He is really often present. Seraph Rose Aura is often present during my daily handling of my children. - S. B. in Norway

Rose Aura's AngelLink

This was a most sacred experience! The Divine energy soon grew and was of a very high vibration; extraordinarily pure, beautiful and very loving.  Sacred, holy...intensely so... really, as much as anything I have yet experienced. Having been fortunate enough to experience the high Spiritual energies of Planetary and Cosmic Masters over a number of years, I do not say this lightly. A wonderful privilege! - G. A. in Australia


Spiritual Relief!

Thank you very much for having introduced me to the wonderful Angelic Realms. It has given me a great impact in my personal life. One thing for sure...ever since the Seraph Rose Aura attunement, I became a person who could forgive and forget those who have hurt me in the past and it indeed is a great spiritual relief. - I. I. in Indonesia

Deeply Grateful

These energies have been so wonderfully and lovingly supportive. They have been helping immensely in my life. (I did attune my 9 yr. old son to Rose Aura--he's also a level 2 Usui Reiki student). He was so excited by it, he told me that this is what he wants to do! He has been having trouble at school, acting out, getting into arguments with other children other very small things, etc. I asked him 2 days after the attunement if he felt any different. He told me that his stomach didn't feel all "jumpy" anymore like it had been when he felt like he wanted to get into an argument with another child. Then, when I picked him up from school that day, his teacher came up to me and said, "You know, your son has just suddenly settled down in the last 2 days! I don't know what happened. So, they are working so well for us and I am deeply grateful. So, we will soon have the children passing the "lighted candle" too. - D. H-J. in Virginia, USA

Most Wonderful

These sequential attunements were most impressive and so effective for me.  I love attunement systems established at Lightarian Institute, but [the Purification Rings] are the most wonderful.  - A.Y., Japan

My Life is Evolving at an Accelerated Rate

I am writing of my experience with the Purification Ring attunements, an experience which has been unlike no other.  I am currently a traditional Usui Reiki Master, and have worked with various shamanic and pranic energy, EFT and EMDR.  Each of these brought me to higher spiritual and energetic levels, and helped with clearing and healing. The Lightarian AngelLinks allowed in even higher vibrational frequencies, while providing a connection to the Archangels.  One can feel the power of their energy.  However, I was not ready for the massive enormity of strength of the Seraphim groups through the Purification Rings as I attuned to each.  Expecting an almost cherub-like peacefulness to take place, the people, (and circumstances) surrounding me were “knocked off their feet”.  Anyone and anything that did not vibrate in harmony with this new energy and served my highest and best interests, was either changed or removed.  I did not have to do a thing.  Astounding!  As I work with these groups to advance my understanding, intuition and manifestations, my life is evolving at an accelerated rate.  How exciting.  Thank you! - S. T., USA


Powerfully Healing

The Purification Rings Program is a wonderfully clearing, cleansing series of attunements connecting us to the Seraphim energies.  The rings not only focused on my purification process but simultaneously worked with my family members.  Issues were brought to a head in order for healing.  They were intense but swiftly released. I was also guided to address long held grief that I was surprised still remained.  Through the Purification Rings and Peggy’s intuitive guidance I was able to focus on these deeply buried feelings and emotions that needed to be heard and felt and released.  I continue to work on manifesting for my spirit’s advancement and changing my previously held self-limiting beliefs.  Having done the AngelLinks, and the Rays, I knew how powerfully healing the Purification Rings would be.  Each series has given me greater clarity and understanding of the true love and compassion that the Universe freely offers us. - G.L., USA


I feel the Purification Rings are healing my solar plexus which hurt every day and is now healing with the Purification Rings! Because of this I feel I am able to manage life's details. - S. H., England

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Align with the Seraphim as they up-level your energetic Self and prepare for the advanced Lightarian Gateway program.

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