Group Consciousness Foundation

If received after the Gateway program, these Archangels build upon the work of the AngelLinks to engage us dynamically with group consciousness.  If received directly after the AngelLinks, the angels continue working to lay the foundation which best supports us in our journey of self to Self.  

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What people are saying...


My interactions with those I work with have become easy and even enjoyable.  I feel expansive in how I am showing up to partner on projects. Before I felt drained and now I feel renewed. - J.S. Canada

Adventurous and Happy

I feel adventurous and have been trying new activities, ones I never would have ever considered before. I feel good and happy.  Thank you. - V.N. England 


Happy Hum

I love the angels! The AngelLink Extensions have transformed my relationships. I could not even say it was just one of the angels. Each of them helping me along the way.  I have felt better and better and better. My family members have also been showings signs of contentment. There is a happy hum in my home. - G.B. USA

Experience Meaningful Coincidences

Before the AngelLinks and AngelLink Extensions I was drained by so much negativity around me. Now the negativity has decreased. More importantly, when I am around the lower vibrations, I no longer feel drained like before. Grateful for these angels!   - H. S., Japan


Once I started to meditate with Ascended Master Lady Leto my meditations were transformational. I felt my entire being was wiser and the restoration of my body gave me renewed energy.  I am eager to for my coming adventures.  – L.M. UK


My spiritual journey has been accelerated through the Lightarian programs. Individual shifts and changes have been profound, yet I was still experiencing challenges here and there and always pertaining to groups. After the Lightarian Ray Extensions, I was different and I could feel the groups I engaged in respond to my new self. I also experienced a couple of people fall away.  My new self holds loving space for all and I have felt that same loving space held for me by the Ascended Masters.  Beautiful to witness and experience.  – D.G. USA


Ascended Master Lanto illuminated my world. I feel energetically strong and I can tackle anything that comes my way.  Inspiration now pours into my heart daily.  A gift. – K.G. Australia

Soul Purpose

Incredibly grateful.  AM Lady Nada is a rockstar!  The last few months have answered many questions I have had for decades about my soul purpose. I'm excited about my future. - J.M. USA

Group Consciousness Expansion

The Ascended Masters step us through dynamic, energetic playtime which expands our abilities with engaging in our New World and experiencing a core feeling of happiness. The Ray Extensions have prerequisites. Read below for the list of programs required. 

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I'm ready to go ALL in!

I'm ready to go all in. Tell me more about the Five 9-week Intensives.

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