AQ_000 :: Actualization of The Ascension Quest

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AQ_000 :: Actualization of The Ascension Quest

My name is Peggy Zeramby. I began my career in the early 90’s. Oh, the energies globally have changed profoundly in these last 30 years.  I am so excited to be here with you to delve into these dynamic changes and how they can infuse bliss into your day-to-day life. 

My journey started when I was a child. I am an empath.  I am not sure exactly when I started to channel, I simply always had knowings.  I would know when someone was pregnant or had died. In my teens I began to cultivate my own internal pathways with my energetic teams. I would receive readings by channelers which helped in learning and then began to give readings. My mother gave me a game when I was about 12 or 13 on how to channel. She denied this many times as it is not something she would have done.  But my mother also had an instinctive connection to her own energetic team and I am sure they had something to do with that channeling game that was sitting under the Christmas tree that year.  Looking back, I can see how my path was very clear from a very young age. In the early 90’s, I began my career through facilitating Readings. I advanced my path by receiving my Usui Reiki attunements in 1995.  And as Usui Reiki does, it clarifies our journey.  The same year, I moved from Boston, Massachusetts to Tucson, Arizona to attend massage school. And also, without knowing beforehand, to begin my spiritual partnership and deep friendship with Jeannine Jelm.  We met within days of my arrival in Tucson. No mistakes, right?!  If you look at your own path, do you have those divine alignments that you can see? Our spiritual paths are quite magical. And part of my magical journey includes my role at Lightarian Institute and my pre-journey to the Ascension Quest podcast.

What is the Lightarian Institute? We are an organization founded in 1997 dedicated to support those – you -- on a spiritual path.  Our mission is to create tools and clear pathways to accelerate spiritual evolution.

Humans are messy. We are complex and this earth plane is complex.  Many times, we can become so confused about where we are or what is happening internally or externally we begin to spin in ways that do not serve our own quest for spiritual advancement.  After fully anchoring the Lightarian attunement pathway, it was time to create the podcast. 

In our podcasts, we will explore our own dynamic self. Who we are has so many moving parts and we’ll examine what that looks like.  We’ll also delve into Ascension and how that triggers Descension.  Descension of Higher Self into our earth body. I love this work -- So much fun!  We won’t stop there.  We’ll tackle free will and Group consciousness (something I’ve been studying for decades) as well as the polarities vs the All That Is.  Most people are interested in channeling.  I’ve been teaching channeling for decades and we’ll podcast on Channeling.  Are you also an empath?  We’ll review do’s and don’ts of an empath so that you are no longer drained.  Instead you’ll learn how to use that Empathic Gift as an incredible tool.  Once a month we’ll introduce an Archangel, Seraphim or Ascended Master and facilitate a guided meditation and offer an action plan.  And so much more….. 

The Lightarian podcast has been years in the making.  We are honored to share our perspective on a spiritual journey. This is something I'm so passionate about. I think everyone on a spiritual journey knows that activating moment…we call it the Self Selection process.  It is incredibly powerful, and it is why you are here with us.  Let’s journey through our Ascension Quest together.   

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Sending you Love and Light on your Ascension Quest.   

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