AQ_001 :: Aligning Mind and Spirit with Three Steps

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AQ_001 :: Aligning Mind and Spirit with Three Steps

Now tell me, is this you?  You have identified your quest for spiritual happiness, but the mind/spirit connection is not yet aligned and creates frustration. Although you may be meditating, journaling, and connecting with others, you feel stuck. You think that something must be wrong, and it is blocking you from being happy.

If this is you, or was, know you are not alone. That feeling of frustration is not negative.  It is not something that is wrong or bad.  The meditations and journaling likely worked to align your mental body just enough with spiritual body to activate what might be referred to as frustration. What would I refer to it as….yearning.  Yearning for more. Your entire Being stepping into the next phase of spiritual advancement.  I have seen this over and over again with students.  I’ve experienced it myself. Have you ever felt so thirsty for knowledge?  That is me.  At my starting point, I wanted to learn and experience the other side. I was starting to flex my channeling muscle. My friend invited me on a road trip to visit her friend. I was completely outside of my comfort zone.  I was in a new city, with new people and along for the experience.  The host asked if we wanted to go to a haunted mansion. She included her husband who did not believe in anything that we were doing. The next thing I knew I was touring a mansion and being told about the spirits that had transitioned there.  As the evening continued, we were invited into the big hall to sit in a large circle.  A woman was going to conduct a communication session with the spirits.  I was incredibly shy at this point. This experience was completely unknown and foreign to me and in moments like this I just wanted to be a wallflower.  I sat down between my friend and the husband who did not believe in the other side. The Facilitator stood in the middle of the circle and began by asking us to hold the hand of the person next to us.  She continued by giving us the history of the house and then opened the space for the Spirits to speak through us. Through us?! Oh my, what did I get myself into? One person felt a being and shared their experience.  Another did as well.  Then there was a lull and the Facilitator said “if you feel anything, speak up.”  All of sudden I felt a presence and inside my head I said “you’re going to need to do a lot more than that if you want me to say anything” and then it happened.  The spirit jumped into my body. The next thing I hear is my own voice projecting into the circle.  “I feel something”. The Facilitator moves over to me and wants to know more…. My voice continues. “There is a man sitting in my body with his head bent forward”.  What else do you feel said the Facilitator? “His arms a very heavy and they feel raised and as if he is leaning on a beam”.  I hear “what is his name”? I don’t hear a name and I shake my head. She asked a few more questions and then told us who he was. He was a spirit that did not usually participate and was not part of the stories that are usually told beforehand.  When the entire circle ended, I stated to my small group how I felt my hands triple in size during the experience.  The husband holding my hand…the one that did not believe in any of this…shared that he felt my hand triple in size as well. I’ve often thought of this spirit. Always appreciating the exchange was a palpable one. Always appreciating that someone that didn’t believe was the one holding my hand and felt what I did. 

Why am I sharing my story with you? 

Because I was at a point where I wanted spiritual happiness and was yearning for more, I knew I was also at a beginning point.  There was something inside of me that kept moving me forward, despite the feeling of disconnection. And to be honest, I felt connected and disconnected at the same time. I knew I needed to clear my programming. I needed to strengthen my mind. I needed to align my emotions. I could feel there were many steps to be taken.  Yet, that pull!  That yearning was strong. My vision of how I wanted to be was clear.  My haunted mansion experience happened before any attunement I had ever received. It was a couple of years before my Usui Reiki class. It was during a period of my life where I was struggling. Fumbling through the dark. Just beginning to use affirmations. Just beginning to turn on that light bulb and to begin to see in an energetic way. The steps I took at that point were important. Steps that I have seen my students use as well.  What were those steps? 

  •  My first step was deciding! Deciding on more and that it was okay to act on that desire.  Deciding to respond to that pull I kept feeling. This is not always easy as we might talk ourselves out of whatever door we want to step through.  My mantra during these years was “do it afraid”.  When I felt it my gut to move forward but my mental was trying very hard to talk me out of it…I stepped into my mantra.  Do it afraid.  Which leads me to my second step. 
  •  Getting outside of my comfort zone. I said yes to an experience that kind of freaked me out. I was with people that I didn't really know. In a state and city that I had never really been to. I trusted my gut. And I acted. It opened the door for me to experience myself in a new way. Now am I telling you that you need to go on a trip and spend time with almost all strangers?  The second step is getting outside of YOUR comfort zone.  What does that look like for you?  Maybe write a list of what your days usually look like.  Then add to the list what you have done in the last three years of the extra experiences, such as vacations, hobbies, etc. After you are complete with your list, look to see what was outside of your comfort zone that pushed you.  If there wasn’t anything, then it is time to open up to experiences that do.  Say yes to new experiences and to expand who you are. 
  •  The third step was understanding that I was at my beginning point. Yes, I had many moments at that point that showed me I was on my way, yet I also was at a beginning point.  How did I know that?  When journaling and meditating I was still very much in my story. I yearned for that bliss, that happiness yet my focus was still on the happenings of how others defined me. AT this point, I was not able to experience fully my True Self.  My end vision though, that vision that pulled me?  Well that showed me how clear I would become. So I kept moving forward to clear, transform, and shift my trajectory.  I understood I was on a journey. 

How do you know if you are able to get to your own vision? 

You'll know because...You have a strong pull to seek more; There is no mistake you are here interacting with this podcast with me.  That pull brought you here.  That pull brought you to all your own moments of interacting inside your spiritual journey.

You'll know because...You have integrity and are willing to do the work internally and externally; Externally looks like the journaling, mediations, affirmations, nutritional alignment.  Internally looks like healing your energetic self so your heart chakra evolves into a Unified Heart Chakra and then into your Soul Brain.  So powerful. 

You'll know because...You are committed to your own happiness even if it means experiencing mental, emotional, or physical discomfort for short periods of time;

You'll know because...You yearn for your connection to your energetic team of spiritual guides; I am not talking about what I shared today about my very palpable experience with that spirit but connecting with your high vibration energetic team. Maybe it has angels and ascended masters or your ancestors that are all filled with Pure Love for you and all those around you.

You'll know because...You are eager to experience your True Self. This eagerness creates momentum through dark periods, through emotionally purging periods, through relationships ending because you are no longer a match and through the awkward moments of new relationships becoming. Maybe even through new career alignments. So powerful.

Remember you are here listening to this podcast for a reason.  Step into your own Steps forward. You’ve got this!  And if it is appropriate, Do it Afraid. 

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Sending you love and light on your Ascension Quest. 

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