AQ_002 :: Law of Polarity vs the All That Is

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AQ_002 :: Law of Polarity vs the All That Is

Today we are talking about the Law of Polarity vs the All That is

I chose this topic because it is the reason why many Lightworkers might feel that they are still at a beginning point even when they are not! How to navigate the All That Is while living in the earth plane surrounded by the Polarities is the biggest challenge for any Lightworker.   

So what is the Polarities?  It is defined by the dictionary as “the presence or manifestation of two contrasting principles or tendencies.” Have you ever heard someone say that everything breaks down to Love or Fear?  Or that we need to experience sadness to fully appreciate happiness.  Our bodies have been designed to operate in the polarities.  That primal instinct of survival. 

The All that Is, is the Divine Stream of Consciousness experienced in an expanded way. The frequency of Pure Love. When we are inside the All That Is, we are fully revealed and living in our own truth that is in alignment with Universal Truth.  That is key.  When our truths are in alignment with Universal Truth. 

How do we transition from Polarities into this Pure Love way of being?  First we need to understand that the fight and flight way our brains operate have been intentionally in place to keep the human race alive. In my 20’s, I was single and focused on my spiritual advancement. I had stepped into a place that I could think a thought and it was fully realized within moments.  I was inside that Divine Stream of Consciousness. But I also had nothing to lose. It was just me. I then married and the polarities were again in my awareness.  I could not control the programming or choices that were not mine.  When it was just me, I was releasing, transforming, stepping into my path all at my own speed and desires.  Now I was with someone that had their own choices, programming, and chosen speed. 

Then we became foster parents. During those years, I would transport the kiddos to their appointments and birth parent visits.  I began to know the birth parents and could see they were struggling and yet the love and desire for their children was there.  I was able to be inside the All That Is vibration of LOVE and non-judgment and hold space for them. I was cheering them on!  Wanting to see them be able to reunite with their children.  Sometimes it happened and other times it did not. During these years, I could energetically see the children’s higher selves aligning their story within the world of free will choices.  Their free will and those of their birth parents.  My role was simply to hold space, nurture and offer love. Eventually my time as a foster parent ended, but the teachings stayed with me.  How to be inside the All that Is when also surrounded by people immersed in the polarities?   How to be in a place of abundance when those around you are fully anchored in struggle? 

My perspective changed in many ways. I had to pull forth all that I Knew. The All That Is vibration is living inside of LOVE and non-judgment.  And it wasn’t always easy.  In the role of foster parent, you do not have any control. You have physical custody of the children, but the legal custody is with the state.  They make all the choices.  This energetic class I put myself into was going to teach me about group consciousness, using my voice, and how to open my heart to heartbreak.  Open my heart to offer a way for these kids to learn it was okay to attach to an adult.  It was okay to be a kid and know your needs were going to be met.  If they learned to attach to me, they could then attach to another trusted adult in the future.  Would my heart be cracked wide open?  Yes.  Many times.  And yet, when we open to love another, our heart chakra expands and evolves. 

We then step into understanding when living in the “All That Is” there is the desire to learn and explore new ways of being and to challenge oneself.  The challenge is positive. In the All That Is, we welcome the uncomfortable because with it we expand. But how do we know if the challenge or struggle is anchored in Polarities or the All That Is?  A quick way is to do a self-check.  Are you experiencing fear? Dread? Or are you experiencing the “do it-afraid” feeling?  The emotions that wrap around whatever old programming we have to move us through that finish line. 

Remember, the All That Is vibration is living inside of LOVE and non-judgment.  Something that might have been considered terrible before is now “just is” or neutral.  So when we are inside the All That Is there will be a surge of high frequencies that come through to encapsulate what does not serve to project us forward.  Powerful. 

When I was inside the moments of witnessing my foster kiddos journeys, and it felt challenging or difficult, I kept bringing myself back with deep breathes into my heart chakra and connecting to my crown chakra.  I leaned into my Reiki journey.  I invoked Highest and Greatest for all involved.  I kept bringing myself back to center.  In all these moments I was so grateful for those earlier years being immersed in Divine Consciousness and having it as baseline to compare.  I would know when I was out of alignment as it did not feel good. 

What do I tell my students when they are anchored in lack?  Train their Brains is a beginning point.  Own your thoughts.  Bring your attention to where you want to be. 

The work at the Lightarian Institute is primarily attunement based.  A student receives an attunement and it is a energetic calibration that supports the student in their personal Ascension Quest through transforming their energetic matrix 24/7 from the inside out.  What do I mean by that?  In this human experience, we are made up of four parts.  The mental body, emotional body, physical body and then the spiritual body. The inside out works with our spiritual body.  The outside in works with the mental, emotional and physical body!  You could begin influencing your own transformation from the outside in. When working from the inside out, there is such an acceleration process that happens.  Remember you choose your own speed.

So working from the outside and working with the mental body training, your brain, working with the emotional body. Bringing yourself back to center, working with the physical body, maybe through exercise nutrition, maybe through receiving massages, or other body work. Maybe you begin that journey. Of healing, your body healing, your mind, influencing your emotions. When we are on this journey and we're working with the inside out and the outside and at the same time. Those accelerations happen.  It keeps us moving forward.

It gives us that momentum of the, all that is frequency. Wrapping around old programming and pivoting us forward into new trajectories.  We are in this place of divine alignment, and it is. Fun. It is. Magical. It is something I want for everyone I want for you. 

The polarities and the all that is. As we're moving out of the polarities into the all that is, we might even experience ourselves toggling between the two.  We might have moments of being in that pure divine bliss and then next and that fear, but that too will give you your baseline of knowing where you are. In the moment that you're in. 

Increase your frequency wrap those fears so that you can do it afraid. 

This journey is one. That we have chosen to step into. 

And how do I know that? Because we're each here. Listening to this podcast. Where each here participating. With this group consciousness, web of light experience. 

You are here because you are a light worker and your choice is to go forward and expand. Thank you for that. Each moment that you immersed yourself into that divine bliss of.  Pure love and consciousness of the divine. You are choosing to influence all of the frequencies around you.  Thank you for that.  Find your baseline. Start to train your brain. Shift your emotions choose where you want to be.

Choose where you want to be. Step into that. 

Listen for the next episode on How our Genetic Coding Impacts our Life Path. 

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Sending you love and light. On your Ascension Quest. 

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