AQ_003 :: Intricate Fabric of Life Purpose

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AQ_003 :: Intricate Fabric of Life Purpose

Have you ever asked yourself What is my life purpose? If so, you are not alone. And to answer that question, we need to talk about Higher Self programming, birth programming and societal influences.  So much to unwrap today.  Let’s get started!

I chose this topic because it is the most asked question we receive. I hear… I feel my purpose, but I don’t know what it is yet.  It is like it is on the tip of my tongue, but I don’t have the words.  From students, I hear how they feel pulled on a journey, but don’t know how to prepare and it is frustrating.  If you already know your purpose, stick around anyway because we are going to discuss trajectory shifts when we align spiritual purpose inside our physical body.  

Life Purpose comes from the core of who we are.  The core of who we are is beyond our physical body that we live in.  Our spirit descends into our body at birth with its own story…. Its own programming and purpose for the earth life ahead.  The body that is created has ancestral lines through the maternal and paternal sides. Those lines hold programs that have been woven together through the generations, creating a personal energetic matrix.  What does this energetic matrix look like?  Visualize the matrix as a beautiful fabric that holds three types of threads creating this human experience for the individual.  The first type of thread is neutral and creates the framework for this earth journey.  The second type of thread is translucent allowing Divine Light to flood into our body to heal and transform and use for creating.  The third type are dense threads, and they can be active or passive in our day-to-day life.  As we release the threads transform into translucent threads. That’s fun, isn’t it? 

What do I mean by active or passive?  Active are ones that we might have activated upon birth or added through our own experiences at different phases in our life. For this discussion, let’s talk about the activation at birth.  Genetic code is activated as your spirit descends into your body at birth.  The dense genetic coding comes from emotional experiences of our ancestors.  As they experienced impactful feelings of any kind, they deposited them as programming into their genetic code and passed them down.  Maybe great, great, great grandma was required to marry when she didn’t want to. She had no choice and was required to do what the head of the family told her to do. Her entire life was given into marriage for the sole purpose of bettering the family or continuing a genetic line.  That feeling of frustration, anger, hurt, or being invisible was encoded into the genetic line.  Maybe great, great, grandpa wanted to become an artist but needed to follow the family business and his creativity was never fulfilled but instead created resentment.  All those emotions encoded into their body.

Maybe another grandmother in the ancestral line had the experience of being seen and recognized by her family members and was able to choose her own life despite societal expectations.  That visibility and acceptance are also encoded.  The emotions can be happy, the emotions can be devastating. The emotions can be intellectual. They can be traumatic and all of it gets encoded. Especially if we do not process those emotions. This makes for lots to choose from and activate as there are an amazing blend to activate.  Remember survival mode has been the theme for humans for centuries.  So many Lightworkers are coming in to disrupt and transform genetic line coding into thriving to embrace the All That Is. To embrace the Divine Light frequency.   

As you came into your body which ones did you activate?  How would you know?  Look back at the stories you heard about your family lines.  Look back at your own life.  What themes keep replaying?  Remember you have free will.  At different points in your life, you had experiences that also either added more coding (dense or translucent) to your personal energetic matrix, just like your ancestors.  Economic status, societal and cultural influences impacted your energetic matrix.  What country, city, neighborhoods you grew up inside of influenced your energetic matrix.  As you navigated each year in your earth body, programming was processed, released or added to your own personal energetic matrix.  How can you know what it looks like today? 

This is your action plan:

  1. First, understand the outer reflects the inner and take an assessment of your life. What is working?  What isn’t?  Look at your relationship with others and your relationship with yourself.  Look at your physical space.  Look at where you are spending most hours of your day.  What themes do you see?  I feel empowered.  I feel stuck.  I am valued.  I am taken for granted.  What else?  Journal this.    
  2. Next is to clear the clutter.  We can do this emotionally, mentally and in our physical space.  Sometimes physical space is the most tangible way to begin this journey.  Look around your home. What feels good and what doesn’t?  Go to the area that does not feel good and allow it to tell you its message.  Take notes.  What are the themes?
  3. Then start to shift your trajectory! What do I mean by that?  You can start with seeing the themes that you want to continue and adding more experiences in day-to-day life that reinforce those themes. Then face the themes that are not wanting. Tackle them by training your brain to think new thoughts that are the opposite of the theme.  An example is “I feel invisible” turns into “It feels good to be seen and valued”.  Or “I feel stuck all the time” turns into “Solutions come to me easily”. 
  4. I would be remiss if I didn’t add accelerating your spiritual journey by harnessing the tools of Lightarian attunement programs. And only if you feel that pull.  Your higher self will tap you on the shoulder if you are ready to receive an attunement program.   

Through these steps, our life purpose begins to be revealed and experienced.

We've had the experience of seeing students living their life purpose without realizing it.

Because society tells us life purpose needs to fall under certain categories, such as becoming a doctor, hair stylist, professor, plumber, accountant, etc. It can be confusing to understand that your life purpose doesn’t fall under a job title! Maybe your life purpose is being a disruptor for good. I know many people that have come in to their group energies, their primary family, to disrupt, transform and elevate the group consciousness so future generations have a new beginning point when spirit enters the body at the start of their earth journey. What a meaningful life purpose!  Disrupt patterns and programming, to elevate group consciousness through purging and transforming those dense threads into translucent ones. To Ascend and ripple high frequency into group consciousness. For these Spiritual Disruptors, whatever job title label truly is whatever is their choice. What makes their heart sing? What brings joy?  

For others, life’s purpose might be connecting to the global web of light to elevate the Earth's energy. And for others it might be that actual job position to elevate that industry.

Remember, the outer is a reflection of the inner themes and programming -- your energetic matrix. 

Clear your clutter…emotionally, mentally and physically!

If you wish to accelerate this process, reach out to me at [email protected] and we can discuss what those steps look like. 

Listen for the next episode on Ascended Master Buddha and how he has chosen to partner with humans.       

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Sending you love and light. On your Ascension Quest. 

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