Working Energetically with Children

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Working Energetically with Children

It is a question we often discuss. I receive many questions about what age is appropriate or will a certain attunement be too powerful? Can a child withstand the energetic shifts that come from the attunements? If so, what is okay and what is not?

Many parents are seeing how advanced the children are today entering into the earth plane. They are choosing to have the child receive their Reiki attunements as well as other attunements. Sometimes, it is perfect, and other times it feels a bit overwhelming. Plus, to make that decision as an adult for our child or children can be daunting. Am I hearing correctly? Am I pushing my child? Will it hurt them?

I have worked many times with children. When the child is present, I feel all the Angels, Ascended Masters and all the high energy beings circling around the child. I am told, “do nothing, we are doing all that is meant to happen”. I hold the child's hand while my body is used as a grounding vehicle for the energetic support to enter into the physical plane. I am not involved in any of the decisions as to what or when anything is received, if anything at all. Sometimes I feel shifts occur, sometimes nothing. It is all perfect.

What is our role with these children that are here already and coming in? What is okay to do or not do? I am told that many of these children are already able to do more than what we believe. I am told that some need a simple calibration that can be facilitated through one of us without our awareness. Or some need quite a bit of support and can receive it through a facilitator’s body grounding in the “method” that is perfect for that little person. Again, it is not for us to decide. These little people are already equipped with decision-making ability and do so with their energetic team.

At some point, I can see the children choosing to become certified Reiki Masters, or AngelLink facilitators or even simply the “Voices of Love” in others’ lives. At that point, taking the steps to receive the titles or labels will be their conscious choice. It will be the confirmation of the Physical Aspect of their Being aligned with what we have seen all along.

As we hold a child, touch a shoulder, kiss a cheek, the choice to receive energetic support is being facilitated many times without our conscious awareness. Such a gift!

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