Empathic vs. Channeling

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What is the difference between being empathic and a channel? Is there any difference? Yes, there is a clear difference and yet many that are empathic also channel. How do we use these gifts and skills in a way that best serves us and those around us? First let us explore what each entails.

Empaths are people who absorb information directly from their environment or from another person. They are "tuned in" to the energetic/physical incarnational experience using their intuitive abilities. Channels open a dialogue with another realm and receive communications using their skills as a clairaudient, clairvoyant, or clairsentient or in combination.

Absorbing information by scanning the room or those that one is around can be used in a very positive way or it can be extremely draining on the Empaths. Many times Empaths find themselves drained because they are "taking in" someone else's thoughts or even physical ailments vibrationally and that vibration starts to effect the Empaths' physical bodies. Many times Empaths feel that they are only able to go out into large crowds for short amounts of time as a result of not knowing how to turn on and off the empathic ability. In a positive way, Empaths are able to discern if an environment is safe or if those with whom they are interacting have clear intent. As you can see, sometimes the motivations of Empaths are anchored into fear and safety.

Channels open themselves up to receive information from another realm using their skills as a clairaudient, clairvoyant, or clairsentient. In classes that I teach, I stress the importance of discernment and choosing to communicate only with higher vibrational beings that honor and love us unconditionally. Clairaudients are able to hear messages directly, clairvoyants see images, and clairsentients are able to "feel" the messages. Empaths, if deciding to channel, would be natural clairsentients. Similar to those who utilize Empathic abilities, Channels experience both positive and negative aspects when using their gifts. With channeling, the Channels must have a strong sense of discernment or strong intent on working only with high vibrational beings. If this intent is strong, then channeling can be an enjoyable aspect of the work that we experience as Lightarians.

Through the years, my suggestions to those that are Empathic is to exercise their "free will muscle". To choose to not scan the room. To use the intention that "all is safe in my world" and decide to temporarily turn off the empathic nature. By doing so, the muscle is strengthened. Once this ability is learned, life can turn from being draining to truly being very enjoyable for Empaths. Choosing when to accept information empathically is an empowering process. It is the same for channeling. As mentioned before, Empaths are natural at developing their clairsentient abilities. When channeling, Empaths are able to allow the High Vibrational Being to highlight on their own bodies where their clients might need additional assistance. This is done in a way that does not drain the Empaths because the energy is from a different source and vibration. It is an amazing process to walk through and learn how to use our natural gifts.

My fellow Empaths and Channels, may we go forth and work with our gifts and increase our skills so that our lives are enjoyable, serving, and love-filled.
Many blessings in the LIGHT,
Peggy Zeramby


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