Change is Constant: Navigating Through the Energy Shifts

Change is a constant presence in our lives. Change is cyclical, ritualistic and always moving us forward towards Self-Actualization. Listening to the news around the world, it is apparent that there are many changes -- financial, war related, community oriented. Some feel very good and others could bring us to a lower vibrational level. It is also cyclical -- sometimes all we hear is the low points and other times we are encouraged by the highs. Through this global time of change, remember that we are the Leaders, the Anchors for the LOVE and LIGHT in this plane.

As we tune into Gaia's song, we can also feel the touch of the angels' wings, the embrace by the Ascended Masters, the touch by the ET energies. Remember it is our role to anchor love, prosperity, joy, and bliss, to tune into the true energetic current, and to be the "I AM" or the "ALL IS WELL" vibrational thought.

How do we anchor this fully into the earth plane? Through conscious breathing, meditation, exercise, and through feeling gratitude we anchor in the Love and Light. As we stay grounded in Abundance, Joy, and Bliss, we Self Actualize. As we Self Actualize, our Higher Selves are living more and more authentically in our day to day lives. Higher Self can sometimes be seen by us on the earth plane as a separate entity....yet it is not. Higher Self is truly our Higher Wisdom that orchestrates our experiences. As we live life from that intelligence, our chakras and auras expand and become brighter and are filled with Light. As people create their personal expansion, their energetic bodies connect and overlap, and the resulting human energetic grid replaces the lack. The momentum is here. We are moving toward this outcome.

As Lightworkers, when news enters our consciousness of happenings reflecting lack and fear, it is up to us to stop, breath, and think instead about the Light through visualizing positive outcomes. As people speak of their fears of financial distress, we can anchor in abundance in this same way. As the news comes in of the wars or other types of violence that are demonstrated with weapons and words, we can anchor in peace and love. We each can do our part and create the Web of Love and Light throughout the globe.

I have been shown from the perspective of our energetic friends what this earth looks like. I see a grid of the world -- there is more LIGHT anchored into our earth plane than there is not. We can help to continue to spread the LIGHT by meditating and encouraging others to connect with their Higher Wisdom. 

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