Power vs Empowerment… the Manifestation Process


Manifesting Simply! Manifesting Quickly! Moving forward with Love and Ease.

I am blessed with a little boy in my home. At nine months old he started to focus on what to do with his feet. He would concentrate whenever he had the chance on what his feet could do. Three to four weeks went by, and his foot moved the way his brain wanted it to. The moment this happened, he stopped breathing out of excitement, and his expression showed disbelief that his body was finally moving the way he had willed it to so many times before that moment! Perfect. Something that we so innately do -- manifest simply.

He kept it easy; he didn’t give up. He did not have all the many thousand of thoughts that we have running through our heads throughout the day…he still ate, slept, played, learned, grew, and followed his inner urgings to focus his intent on moving his feet forward. He didn’t have any emotional thought of not being able to do it. He didn’t have fear that it couldn’t happen. He was not bogged down with ego. It was in divine alignment to walk. His body was made to walk, and it was going to happen. Days before he turned ten months old, he took his first step. At thirteen months old, he was an experienced runner!

Clearing clutter out of our lives is very important on so many levels and essential to manifesting simply. It impacts our lives when we are coming from a place of Power or Empowerment. You might ask how we can create harmony in our lives as we have jobs, responsibilities, families, friends, etc. We have many areas where we can tackle clutter: our homes (as the outer is a reflection of the inner!), our minds and emotions (through choosing our thoughts or meditating regularly), and our physical bodies (through cleansing and exercise). There are so many ways we can begin. What it really symbolizes is ”clearing the clutter” energetically. Keep it simple, clear the clutter, open your mind, know that harmony is our divine right, focus on the end result, and “walk” like my little one did.

There is a catch. You knew there was, didn’t you?!  There is the realization that Empowerment and Power are two different intentions. When we are empowered, we are in a state of harmony within our selves and therefore the world – remember the outer is a reflection of the inner! A state of empowerment is coming from a place of Higher Wisdom (same as Higher Self). Higher Wisdom is one with our physical, emotional and mental bodies. Higher Wisdom urges and prompts us forward. We need to realize that we are asking for essences in our lives. Not a specific person, specific employer, specific home, specific number of children but an essence of what it is that we are asking to experience. Is it a life partner? Someone who is loving, kind, loyal, romantic, wants children/doesn’t want children, spiritual/not religious/or religious within a specific faith…Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, etc. Whatever it is that we are wanting can be manifested. Yet, if we hold the space that we want to manifest a specific person named “John” or “Jennifer” and only him or her as the life partner, we will most likely be disappointed. In those moments, we are in a place of power and control. Power being that we must be the alpha, the dominating force, over our world. Or when that does not work, an outside force has imposed its will over our lives. How do we determine if we are in a place of power or empowerment? Empowerment is a feeling of harmonious, joyful, connection to All-That-Is. We will want the best for all those around us. We will cheer ourselves on as well as the person who wants the same exact thing. We will have the awareness that an unlimited supply of love exists. Power will reflect itself in power plays with others, fear of an outcome or lack of an outcome, jealousy, depression, sadness, etc.

I bring us back to my little one. He was in harmony inside his body with the intention to walk. He was empowering himself to go forward. He did not control it by forcing it by a specific date. He felt the urge and moved with it. When his body was ready, it happened. There was no pride that it must happen. He was in complete harmony. He felt the urge to walk. He pursued the inner urgings by intending it simply, exercising his muscles towards that goal, and it happened.

As Lightworkers, it is our responsibility to Light and Clear the way! To calibrate our beings to our inner harmony and therefore manifest simply! To be in a state of joy and love. This anchors Empowerment and Manifestation for ourselves as well as all those on the Earth plane. It is a magical time in our lives! Embrace your Higher Wisdom…it is the first step to Self-Actualization!

This article was written in 2008. In 2022, this same little boy is breaking personal records in cross country. Simple shifts lead to significant strides. Many blessings to you as you break your own "personal records". 

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